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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clutch Bowling?

Clutch bowling is a new kind of bowling experience that combines vibrant graphics and motion tracking with the sport of bowling. If you would like to know more please check out the Clutch bowling website. We offer Clutch bowling every Friday night from 9pm to 1am and Saturday night from 7pm to 1am.

What is Specto bowling?

Specto bowling is an interactive ball tracking system. To get started just download the mobile app. You can use this system to improve your skills or to have fun. If you would like to learn more please check out the Specto bowling website.

How many lanes do we have?

We have 24 AMF HPL full synthetic lanes.

How many bowlers can fit on one lane?

We can fit up to 6 bowlers per lane.

Do we have bumpers?

Yes. We offer automatic bumpers for children 10 years or younger, or special needs bowlers.

What is lane courtesy?

Lane courtesy is paying attention to the lanes on either side of you. If somebody is up bowling itís considered courteous to wait. Once they have thrown their shot you may take your turn.

Do we offer lessons?

Yes. Contact our full service pro shop to schedule your lessons today.