Starter Package Details!

You get a ball, bag, and shoes for $129.95!

What's great about the starter package is that you can upgrade any of the components!

Simply pay the difference and customize your starter package. It's that easy.

Oh, and the ball drilling is freewhen you buy a starter package!

Our Pro Shop is very well respected in the region. We are a full service shop that can help you with anything you need. We carry most major brands of bowling equipment featuring balls by Brunswick, DV8, Storm, Rotogrip, Ebonite, Motiv, Track, Hammer and Columbia.

First time buying bowling gear? No worries, we've got you covered. We offer a starter package that is ball, bag and shoes for $129.95! It includes the price of ball drilling and you are welcome to upgrade any item in the package and pay the difference. It's a great way to get started.

Looking for a reactive ball? Our Pro Shop is the right place. We generally have around thirty different balls in stock and our staff can help you look at the right equipment to help acheive your goals.

Curious about trying a reactive ball? We keep a few demo balls rolling around, just in case. If you've never tried one and are interested, ask one of our staff. They're loads of fun and what make the sport of bowling great!

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